Historical & Special Collections curates a major exhibit each year in the Law Library's Caspersen Room on the fourth floor of Langdell Hall. Smaller exhibits also rotate in and out of the Caspersen Room bookcases and at the Areeda Hall entrance to the Library in order to highlight interesting items from the collection.

Current Exhibit

image of Japanese military coastal fortificationsImage credit: Detail of drawing by Saishin Nogiwa in 異船記 (Isenki), compiled by Bigen Kojima, volume 1,1854-1856, Harvard Law School Library, HOLLIS 9900483234230203941

Centuries of Japanese Legal Tradition is accessible to visitors in the Library's Caspersen Room. Visit Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm to view it in person or explore online exhibit content for Centuries of Japanese Legal Tradition!

Historical & Special Collections has curated exhibits since its inception in the 1980s. Exhibit topics have included: alumni, faculty, and the intersection of law and the humanities. Learn about what HSC has exhibited in the past.