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Reclaim Harvard Law website, December 4, 2015: Today we #ReclaimHarvardLaw. Here's why I'm protesting

Harvard Law Record, February 16: 2016: Reclaim Harvard Law Occupies Fireside Lounge, February 17, 2016: Harvard Law students occupy a school building

WGBH, February 17, 2016: Harvard Law School Students Occupy Wasserstein Hall

Harvard Law Record, February 29, 2016: Harvard Law Record Poll on Reclaim HLS Shows Divided Community  

Harvard Law Record, March 21, 2016: An Open Letter to the Harvard Law School Community

Harvard Law Record, March 23, 2016: Letter to the Editor: Faculty members unfairly dismiss Reclaim HLS

Harvard Law Record, April 1, 2016: A Message from Reclaim Harvard Law

Isaac Royall, Jr. & Belinda Sutton

Isaac Royall, Jr.

Hand-copied will of Isaac Royall, Jr., seq. 100-117 HOLLIS 001708738, Harvard University Archives

Halley, Janet, "My Isaac Royall Legacy", Harvard Blackletter Law Journal, v.24, (2008: Spring)

"The Royall Bequest and Harvard Law School" Royall House and Slave Quarters

"The Royalls and the Antigua Slave Conspiracy of 1736" Royall House and Slave Quarters

Belinda Sutton

"Belinda Sutton and Her Petitions" Royall House and Slave Quarters

Antislavery Petitions Massachusetts Dataverse (Harvard University): A collection of digitized historical Massachusetts petitions relating to anti-slavery and anti-segregation activities. which includes petitions made by Belinda Sutton

February 14, 1783: Massachusetts Anti-Slavery and Anti-Segregation Petitions; Massachusetts Archives Collection. v.239-Revolution Resolves, 1783. SC1/series 45X. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass. v.239:p.11-14: Petition of Belinda

House Unpassed Legislation 1785, Docket 1707, SC1/series 230. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass.: Petition of Belinda Royall

Passed Resolves; Resolves 1787, c.142, SC1/series 228. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass.: Petition of Belinda

Council Files March 13, 1788, GC3/series 378. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass.: Petition of Belinda Sutton

House Unpassed Legislation 1790, Docket 3304, SC1/series 230. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass. Petition of Belinda Royall

Senate Unpassed Legislation 1795, Docket 2007, SC1/series 231. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass. Petition of Belinda Sutton

The Treasure Room (now known as the Caspersen Room)

Information about the Treasure Room

The Treasure Room to be built in Langdell Hall [1947?], HOLLIS 1161892 

“Treasure Room,” Harvard Law Bulletin, April 1948, page 6

“The Harvard Law School Association: Annual meeting of the council,” Harvard Law Bulletin, July 1948, page 8

“The New Treasure Room,” Harvard Law Bulletin, October 1948, pp. 8-9

Images of the Treasure Room

Treasure Room Floorplan, 1948, olvwork432238 

Treasure Room, 1948, olvwork432239

Treasure Room, 1948, olvwork432240

Treasure Room lithograph, 1948, olvwork432237

Treasure Room, 1952?, 8001070613

James Barr Ames Prize Luncheon, Treasure Room, 1963, 8001070614

Treasure Room, March 1969, olvwork432241