Beyond Cambridge

Two Centuries of Harvard Law School Faculty Work in and on Africa

Historical & Special Collections (HSC) houses a vast collection of legal material from around the world beginning from the eleventh century. Though HSC staff members are expert in many areas, the extent of our collection makes it impossible to know all that the material can offer to researchers. By bringing to bear specialized expertise and delving deeply into collections, researchers frequently reveal subject areas previously not known to HSC staff. This exhibit is the result of such work.

Over the span of several months in 2013, four researchers explored four different Law School faculty manuscript collections, each sharing a focus on work or involvement in Africa. They revealed a bit more of the collection – and helped inspire this exhibit.

It's no secret that Harvard Law School faculty do not – and have not – restricted their time and knowledge to the confines of Harvard. This exhibit focused on the experience of four faculty members in Africa. The faculty, Simon Greenleaf, Arthur Sutherland, Erwin Griswold, and Roger Fisher, did work ranging from the promotion of education in Liberia in the mid-nineteenth century to involvement in South Africa during the country’s transition from apartheid to free elections in the late twentieth century – and donated their respective papers and manuscripts to the Harvard Law School Library.

This exhibit was curated by Ed Moloy and Mary Person and was on view in the Caspersen Room, Harvard Law School Library, January 2 - April 27, 2014.