New Exhibit to Feature the Surprising, Quirky, and... Bizarre

The Outlaw, v. 1, n. 4
The Outlaw, a short-lived independent student publication put out in the 1970s, will be featured in the exhibit, along with a selection of student responses to it published in the Record.
(The Outlaw, volume 1, no. 4, Feburary 1971. HOLLIS 13636752.)


The library is quiet in July and August, but Historical & Special Collections is gearing up for its next exhibit! We'll be showing off some of our more unusual and lesser known items from across the collection. Each member of HSC has contributed a combination of artifacts, letters, books, student publications, and more for this exhibit opening during the fall semester. Look forward to worms, hair clippings, surprising flowers, and a variety of other unusual items!