A Playful Preview

A young Paul Freund, Harvard Law School faculty member from 1939-1976, wearing a baker's costume.Just as one exhibit is installed in the Caspersen Room, the next is already underway behind the scenes. Historical & Special Collections staff members have been preparing for a light-hearted romp through the collections in an exhibit that will highlight children in the collections from several different angles. There are traces of the childhood experiences of the children of HLS faculty, school report cards, and letters sent home from camp. "Light-hearted" does not apply across the board, however, as seen in gruesome trial broadsides, dark reports of the inner workings of a Massachusetts reform school, and images of children raised in prison by their incarcerated mothers. The exhibit will also showcase some of the work undertaken by HLS students and faculty on behalf of children and families in Massachusetts and across the United States.

Stop by the Caspersen Room beginning in early April to explore kids in our collections! The Caspersen Room is located on the fourth floor of the HLS Library and is open Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00.

Image Credit: A young Paul Freund wearing a baker's costume. Paul A. Freund visuals collection. Record ID: olvwork368707.