H2O, a platform for creating, sharing and remixing open course materials

  • Torts cover


Jonathan Zittrain, Jordi Weinstock, Samantha Bates


H2O is an electronic casebook platform created by the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society in collaboration with the Harvard Law School Library. It is freely available to professors and students at Harvard and beyond. In contrast to traditional casebooks, which contain large swaths of material that professors may not use in their classes, H2O allows professors to create their own casebooks, selecting only the cases they want to teach. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to buy a casebook, students pay nothing for their electronic H2O casebooks, and can access, annotate, and share them from their desktop or mobile devices.

In an interesting twist on the theme “everything old is new again,” it turns out some students enjoy having a hard copy of their H2O casebook in addition to the electronic version. This Torts casebook is available to students who want a hard copy for about $20. Completely flexible and customizable, H2O casebooks continue the long tradition of casebooks as lab notebooks begun by Christopher Columbus Langdell over a century ago.