Love Your Library Fest T-Shirt, 2005

  • LYLF_2005 t shirt_2005.1.1_recto.JPG

    Love Your Library Fest T-shirt-front, 2005

    Pictured here is the front of the T-shirt worn by Library staff at the inaugural Love Your Library Fest.

  • LYLF_2005_2005.1.1_verso.JPG

    Love Your Library Fest T-shirt-back, 2005

    The T-shirt worn by Library staff at the inaugural Love Your Library Fest includes statistics from the previous academic year.

  • LYLF 2011_Welcome station.jpg

    Love Your Library Fest welcome station, 2011

    Staff welcome students to Love Your Library Fest.

  • LYLF_2011_Ask Us tshirt view.jpg

    Reference Desk, Love Your Library Fest, 2011

    The “Ask Us” logo as seen on a staff member’s shirt at the LYLF Reference Desk station.

  • Mike Barker & Kyle Courtney as judges_LYLF 2010.jpg

    Mike Barker & Kyle Courtney LYLF judges, 2010

    A highlight of LYLF is the opportunity to take a picture with a HLS staff member dressed as a vintage English judge.

Since 2005, Love Your Library Fest (LYLF) is the HLS Library’s annual welcome event for new and returning students. In stations spread throughout the building, students learn about library services they will love, get a glimpse of treasures from HLS and legal history, give feedback to help us improve their student experience, meet information vendors, and find out about the latest projects from the Library Innovation Lab. All this happens in a fun, informal atmosphere with candy and prizes that prompted a student in 2015 to observe “I can’t believe this is Harvard Law School!”

The t-shirt shown here was worn by Library staff at the very first LYLF. A new red shirt was introduced in 2006 featuring a large question mark on the back with the text “Ask US,” and the red shirt was revised again after the HLS shield retirement in 2016.