[Moulton Manor, Norfolk], 1524 - October 1527

Moulton Manor, Norfolk

Manuscript on vellum, written 1524-1527. (Membrane A)
English Manor Rolls, 1283-1765: Box 2, Roll 17
HOLLIS 11720694

With generous support from the Harvard Library’s Pforzheimer Fellowship program, Harvard Library Imaging Services, and the Weissman Preservation Center, the Harvard Law School Library recently completed a multi-year project to conserve, digitize, describe, and make its entire collection of English Manor Rolls available online. Manor rolls were used to document property holdings, financial transactions, and manor court cases, and are prized by legal and social historians for their research value. The Library’s collection consists of 170 rolls from various manors, written in Latin, English, and Law French, dating from 1305 to 1770. A full list of the collection, with brief descriptions of each roll, may be found at: http://bit.ly/HLSmanorrolls.

This is one of some fifty manor rolls from Moulton Manor in Cheshire, England dated 1512-1524. Of all the manors represented in this collection, Moulton Manor boasts the largest number of rolls.