Nuremberg Military Tribunal Case 3 Opening Session, March 5, 1947

  • Opening session at the Case Three Nuremberg Trials, 5 March 1947

United States Army Office of the Chief of Counsel for War Crimes, photographer
Gelatin silver print, 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Office of the United States Government for Germany (OMGUS) Military Tribunal Case Three photograph collection, 1946-1948
HOLLIS olvwork376159

The Nuremberg Trials were a series of trials held to prosecute members of the political, military, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany for crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and conspiracy. Held at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Germany from October 18, 1945 to October 1, 1946, the first and best known of these trials was the International Military Tribunal (IMT). The second set of trials of lesser war criminals was conducted under Control Council Law No. 10 at the U.S. Nuremberg Military Tribunals (NMT), among them included the Doctors’ Trial (Case 1) and the Justice or Judges’ Trial (Case 3).

The photograph caption reads:

OMGUS MILITARY TRIBUNAL - CASE THREE OMT-III-GV-5 / General view on opening day of Case Three in Court Two of the Palace of Justice in Nuernberg, 5 March 1947. Three judges and an alternate face the Court. At left are seated defendants with their counselers [sic.] at tables, all in left section of courtroom. Prosecution occupies table in right hand corner of picture.

This photograph is part of a collection given to the Harvard Law School Library in 1998 by Christopher Kintner. Kintner's father, Earl W. Kintner, served as U.S .Deputy Commissioner under Lord Wright of Durley, Chairman of the United Nations War Crimes Commission, from 1946-1948. His mother, Pat Kintner, was Personal Assistant and Secretary to Lord Wright.