Non-Harvard Nuremberg Collections

Many repositories hold collections of Nuremberg materials. This page highlights a selected list of collections.


Nuremberg Trials (Library of Congress)

Digitized versions of the major published proceedings of the IMT, USMT and final report.

The International Military Tribunal for Germany, a Document Collection (Yale, Avalon Project)

Transcriptions of major documents from the IMT, plus related documents. 

Donovan Nuremberg Trials Collection (Cornell) 

Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the collection of General William J. Donovan.

Nuremberg Trials Digital Collections (University of North Dakota): 

Digitized and transcribed 1100 documents organized into the “Hostage Case” and the “High Command” case. Includes indictments, arraignments, opening and closing statements, testimony, evidentiary documents and maps. 

Herbert Nuremberg Collection (LSU Law Center):

Photos and documents from the collection of Paul M. Hebert, judge for the United States Military Tribunals in Nuremberg between 1947 and 1948. Presided over Case Six, the I.G Farben trial. 

Thomas J. Dodd Papers (University of Connecticut):

Papers of Senator Thomas Dodd, including papers from the Nuremberg war crimes trial before the International Military Tribunal from 1945-1946. 

Phillips Nuremberg Trials Collections (University of Georgia):

Various photos and documents from the International Military Tribunals and Unites States Military Tribunals. 


Francis Biddle Collection of International Military Tribunal Nuremberg Trial Documents (Syracuse University)

Papers of Francis Biddle, U.S. Attorney General under FDR and a member of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Bulk of the collection consists of trial documents, evidence notes, trial proceedings and published material on international law.

Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National Archives (National Archives)

Includes transcripts of proceedings, prosecution and defense exhibits, interrogation records, document books and court papers, including official court files, minute books, order and judgment books and clemency petitions related to the IMT, the USMT and the US Army court trials.

Telford Taylor Papers (Columbia University)

Includes the work of Telford Taylor as a lawyer, legal scholar, writer, and historian. The documents include Taylor's work as Counsel for the Prosecution in Nuremberg with the International and Nuremberg Military Tribunals.