The Papers of Abram Chayes

International Lawyer. Legal Advisor. Educator. Author. While one might be content with filling one of these roles, Abram Chayes held each position throughout his long life, many simultaneously. A truly talented man, Abe, as he was frequently called, was admired by students and peers alike. 

The Papers of Abram Chayes explores the professional life of the Harvard Law School Professor that famously defended Nicaragua against the United States in the 1980s, as well as notably served as the Legal Advisor for the State Department during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations. 

The online exhibit displays just a few of the interesting documents that the Project Archivist, Jamie Brinkman found while processing the collection. The three sections listed to the left reflect the major roles held by Professor Chayes, and does not reflect the many publications he produced nor various professional organizations he was a part of.