A Touch of Lace

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has long been known for her collection of jabots, the ornamental neckwear or frill that she wears with her robes. She is particularly known for having a specific jabot that she wears when reading her dissents. 

In this video, she shows off her collection to Katie Couric. Salon has even ranked her jabot collection! Which is your number one?

In this image from 1982, you can see Justice Ginsburg wearing one of her jabots while posed with Professor Robert Clark and the 1982 Ames competitors.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Professor Clark with 1982 Ames Competitors

Portrait of New Jersey Justice Mahlon Dickerson ca. 1820

Justice Ginsburg faces some stylish competition from Justice Mahlon Dickerson, a 19th century member of the New Jersey Supreme Court !