William J. Brennan, Jr. to Felix Frankfurter, 1956?

William J. Brennan to Felix Frankfurter, 1956?
Felix Frankfurter Papers, 1900-1965: Box 169, Folder 5
HOLLIS 601625

Personal communication and counsel, handed on from clerk to clerk and justice to justice continued to reinforce the connection between Harvard Law School (HLS) and the Supreme Court. In 1956, Justice Frankfurter passed the torch to recently appointed Justice William J. Brennan Jr. (LL.B. 1931), by suggesting that Brennan continue Frankfurter’s tradition of hiring graduating HLS students as potential clerks. Brennan happily accepted this suggestion as referenced in this memo to Frankfurter. As a result, HLS Professor and former Brandeis Supreme Court Clerk, Paul Freund (LL.B. 1931) had the honor of identifying potential clerks for both Frankfurter and Brennan.